Free Taster Day at Wirksworth Pool

Wirksworth Swimming Pool to host free taster sessions on Sunday 27th April 2014

It is two years since Wirksworth Swimming Pool became a charity and in that time we have come a long way.  Our learn to swim programme alone, has seen pupil numbers rise from just 140 to over 300. We’re not complacent though and know there is still work to do: to meet our target to be self-financing by 2015.

Our Pool Manager Glyn Booth explains: “In 2012, when the pool transferred to a charity, we received financial support to help us operate in our first years. This money ends in 2015 and we must be self-financing for the pool to survive. We already have many loyal customers but need to encourage more pool users to ensure we cover costs once the funding ends.”

To help boost pool users, we are offering anyone who has not tried the pool before a free taster session during an open afternoon on Sunday 27th April 2014. Between 1:00pm and 4:15pm, visitors will be able to try Toddler or Beginner Learn to Swim classes, a child’s Activity Hour, AquaDance for 14 years plus or an adult AquaFit session. For details of times and sessions please contact the pool.

Due to limited numbers in each session, anyone interested in attending the open afternoon is encouraged to register for a place by calling: 01629 825704 or emailing us by clicking here

Free taster sessions are available on a first come first serve basis.

The programme of events for the Sunday 27th April 2014 will be as follows:

Toddlers  (3yrs+)          1:00pm
Beginner  (4yrs+)          1:35pm
Activity hour (4yrs+)    2:10pm
AquaDance (14yrs+)     3:15pm
AquaFit (Adults)            4:15pm

Wirksworth Swimming Pool Sets Out to Waterproof Kids

During July, Wirksworth Swimming Pool piloted a water safety campaign with Elton and Norbury schools in Derbyshire as part of a new initiative, by the pool, called ‘Waterproofing Kids’.

The aim of the Waterproofing kids campaign is to actively assist schools to deliver a water safety message by providing a talk on the subject along with a homework pack for children to complete with their parents.

Glyn Booth, Pool Manager comments: “This campaign is particularly relevant at this time of year. Already during this heat wave, national press has highlighted a number of open water drownings. We are asking everyone to help us ensure there are no local additions to these tragic statistics by reminding children to resist the temptation of open water swimming and particularly the risks with quarry sites.”


Successful Learn to Swim Timetable to be Extended

The new learn to swim award scheme at Wirksworth Swimming Pool is proving so popular, the pool team have decided to extend the lesson timetable to provide Saturday morning classes.

The scheme, which was introduced with financial support from the John Weston Charitable Fund and sponsorship from Matlock Mercury, enables children to progress in small achievable steps, and rewards them for developing an efficient stroke.

Since launching the scheme in autumn 2012 the pool has seen a surge in demand for lessons, not just from Wirksworth residents, but from parents in Duffield, Belper, Matlock and Ashbourne who want to secure places.

Given this interest, from Saturday 2nd March 2013, Wirksworth Swimming Pool will reintroduce Saturday morning swimming classes for the first time in years.

Wirksworth Swimming Pool Manager Glyn Booth comments: “The lesson programme take-up is very encouraging and we feel the time is right to introduce Saturday morning lessons. The success of our children’s swimming lesson programme is the most significant factor in ensuring the long term sustainability of the pool, which is operated by a not for profit charity, so the future already looks brighter.”

From Saturday 2nd March 2013, Wirksworth Swimming Pool will provide three new classes, one each for Toddlers, Beginners and Intermediate swimmers.

Intermediates 9.00 a.m. – 9.30 a.m.

Beginners 9.35 a.m. – 10.05 a.m.

Toddlers 10.10 a.m. – 10.40 a.m.

Anyone interested in further details or to reserve a place please call: 01629 825704 or email:


New Learn to Swim Scheme at Wirksworth Swimming Pool

Wirksworth Swimming Pool, with support from Derbyshire Community Foundation, has received a grant of £1750 from the John Weston Charitable Fund.

The grant has been used to support the cost of badges and wall charts, which track a child’s progress through the pool’s new learn to swim award scheme.

Wirksworth Swimming Pool, which just this year moved into community management by a charitable company, is the ideal environment for young children to learn to swim as it is small, child friendly and warm. To complement this welcoming environment the pool has introduced a new award scheme designed to motivate children to learn to swim.

Wirksworth Swimming Pool Manager Glyn Booth comments: “I have introduced a tried and tested learn to swim award scheme that proved very successful at pools I have previously managed.

The scheme enables children to progress in small achievable steps, and rewards them for developing an efficient stroke: which helps them to enjoy their swimming. It has been designed specifically to ensure children develop all the necessary skills to be proficient swimmers, from breathing and pool entry to consolidation of each stroke. The scheme also uses a colour coded wristband system so children and parents know which skill level they are working towards, and their progression path is clearly shown on the child’s wall chart. The scheme gives children a sense of real achievement and is in line with the Amateur Swimming Association guidance.”

The funding from the John Weston Charitable Fund has enabled the badge scheme to be introduced across swimming lessons for beginners, intermediates and improvers. The scheme is already proving popular, with a waiting list now in place for the pool’s 4:20pm sessions. Places for other sessions starting from 3:45pm until 5:30pm are still available, and the pool team can provide a free skills check to help parents find the right level for their children.

For more details on lessons at Wirksworth Swimming Pool call: 01629 825704 or email


Claim a Free Swimming Lesson

posted 27 Feb 2012 14:46 by Suzanne Beech [ updated 31 Mar 2012 01:07 ]

Does your child have swimming lessons at Wirksworth Pool, or would you like them to learn here?

Wirksworth Pool is currently closed for refurbishment, but if work is completed on time, during week commencing 16th April 2012 we plan to re-open, and to offer lesson users a free lesson.

How it will work…

If you have booked your child on to our next course of swimming lessons starting week commencing 23rd April 2012, you will be welcome to bring your child along week commencing 16th April at their usual lesson time. You can meet the new team and your child will be able to take a lesson in the pool.

New customers…

If you don’t currently have a course of lessons booked, but would like your child to learn to swim at Wirksworth, we will also be offering trial sessions during week commencing 16th April. Trials will be possible where there is availability in the lesson programme. For details email or call 07526 151316.


Refurbishment work to the pool is being completed by Derbyshire Dales District Council contractors and is outside the control of Wirksworth Swimming Pool. Work is scheduled to complete ahead of 16th April, however this can not be guaranteed. Please check back on this website before visiting the pool week commencing 16th April or call 07526 151316 after 14th April to check the pool has re-opened.